Publications 2006

Greiner, U.; Lippe, S.; Kahl, T.; Ziemann, J.; Jäkel, F.-W. (2006) A multi-level modeling framework for designing and implementing cross-organizational business processes. Proc. of TCoB Workshop, Cyprus, 2006.
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Greiner, U.; Lippe, S.; Kahl, T.; Ziemann, J.; Jäkel, F.-W (2006) Designing and Implementing Cross-Organizational Business Processes – Description and Application of a Modeling Framework. Proc. of I-ESA 2006, Bordeaux, France (2006).

Chen, D. ; Knothe, T. ; Zelm M. : ATHENA Integrated Project and the Mapping to International Standard ISO 15704, IFIP International Federation for Information Processing ISBN: 0-387-26608-9, Springer Boston 2006;
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Bernus, P. ; Mertins, K. ; Schmidt, G.: Handbook on architectures of information systems, Berlin : Springer, 2006, (International handbook on information systems) ISBN 3-540-64453-9, Second Edition 2006

Rabe, M., Weinaug, H., Unterstützung von KMU bei Prozessgestaltung und Supply Chain Execution. In: Uhlmann, E. (Editor) 3D-Erfahrungsforum – Innovation Werkzeug- und Formenbau. Tagungsband 3D Erfahrungsforum, Berlin 17-18. Mai 2006, S. 53-63