The service offer contains the following trainings:

  • IUM/MO²GO Introduction and Advancement
  • Training for special usage: business planning, quality management, organisational structures, environmental management, Knowledge management, etc.


With MO²GO the following consulting projects are supported by IPK-Berlin:

  • Planning of business processes,
  • preparation for certification,
  • choice of IT concepts,
  • organisational development,
  • harmonisation of distributed businesses,
  • business process analyses,
  • knowledge management and benchmarking,
  • business strategy and time planning,
  • supply chain management,
  • system of reference numbers (score numbers),
  • support of IT system implementation conform to the running business processes.


Apart from buying the licence, support and consulting services, there is also a renting option:

  • The price for one MO²GO single user licence including support for one week is 160 Euro.