Application domain

MO²GO is a software tool for representation, analysing and optimisation of enterprise structures and business processes. The program is used in all kinds of enterprises (small, medium, large). A comfortable description and efficient analysis of products, resources, orders and therefore needed business processes is reached through the graphical interface of MO²GO. Alternatives of design and optimisation can easily be compared. Sectors where it is use The system is used in production companies, service enterprises, government services (e.g. police) and in the health sector.

Domains where it is used:

  • Enterprise Engineering,
  • Quality Management,
  • Organisational Analysis,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Process Benchmarking,
  • IT System Introduction (ERP, Engineering Systems, etc.),
  • Requirement Analysis and Motivation for IT System usage,
  • Supply Chain Analysis,
  • Supply Chain Network Analysis,
  • Enterprise Network Building,
  • Supply Chain Building,
  • Enabling of SME for Acting in Networks,
  • Information Collecting for different analysis like simulation, Process Owner Participating Modelling or Modelling by Process Owners,
  • Harmonisation of Distributed Enterprise Processes,
  • Functional Specification for Manufacturing System Engineering Vendors, etc.