Enterprise Modelling

The implementation of information systems and new organisational structures into and across companies requires discussions between different stakeholders of the enterprise (process design experts, managers, process owners, IT experts, etc.). Therefore, the modelling of enterprise processes including the related information systems and organisational units is an essential step in the process of changing and improving enterprise structures. The target is to find a common understanding of the requirements according to the new system. This is true for big companies as well as for small and medium size enterprises. Furthermore the enterprise model represents the bridge between the working processes and the IT processes. Therefore enterprise business process modelling covers the relation between the process organisation of an enterprise and the processes implemented within the IT systems. The complexity of the modelling approach increases if it is used across enterprise networks. This requires good understandable tools which allow a fast and effective modelling and use of the models. MO²GO (Method for object-oriented business process optimisation) based on the Integrated Enterprise Modelling (IEM) supports a fast, flexible and effective modelling and analysis process.